Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well, Eliana and I made it safely to Texas! Mommom and Poppy are thoroughly enjoying the time with their granddaughter, and Ellie is enjoying exploring a new place. Mom went to Goodwill last week and bought Ellie some things to play with, including a walker. As long as she's on the tile floor in the dining room and kitchen, Ellie can make that walker go wherever she wants it to! It's especially cute when she sees the cat and makes a beeline for him! Thankfully the cat is scared of babies, so he stays away from her. =)

The older Eliana gets, the more I think she doesn't like new places. At least, not going to sleep in them. Our first night was rough, with LOTS of screaming before Ellie finally fell asleep, only to wake up at quarter to six the next morning, screaming again. NOT fun. My parents took her and let her sleep with them, though, so I could get some sleep after having been up so early the day before. Thank you! Last night, though, she did fine. She napped well during the day and went to bed okay. She's sleeping soundly now, though I'm not. I should be tired, but for some reason it's 4:00 in the morning and I've been awake for two hours already. I finally gave up trying to sleep after an hour and got my computer. Still not tired. It's terribly frustrating to be awake like this, but I guess when you're not sleepy, you don't sleep.

We've had a great trip so far. We arrived in Dallas at 11:30 on Sunday, so we were back in Longview by about 3 after stopping for lunch. Charlotte and Alyse Allen came by that evening to drop off the Pack 'n' Play they let us borrow, so we had a nice visit with them. Monday Jenny (Edinger) Bradford came by. It had been years since I'd seen Jenny. I think the last time I saw her was right after we moved to MT four years ago. It had been a long time. She came over, we played with Eliana, then my mom watched Ellie so Jenny and I could go into town. I got to ride in Jenny's vegetable oil powered car!! I was very excited. We got coffee, then went to The Boy and Christina's house to see Josh and their nursery and all the baby stuff they got at the shower last week. Then we went to Chick-Fil-A and met Christina there for lunch. Then Jenny headed back to Dallas. In the evening, Robert came over after work and ate dinner with us. He's got Friday off, so we're planning on getting together then and doing stuff. Today Eliana and I are going to spend the afternoon with Charlotte and Alyse. Those are pretty much all the plans I have now, though I need to make plans with Dana and Angie. So hey- if you guys are reading this, give me a call at my parents' house and we'll get together! =) Angie, I desperately need my Mexican food fix!!!

Well, now it's 4:30 and I'm still not tired, but maybe I'll try to go back to sleep anyway. It's worth a shot.


Jenn said...

Didn't know if you would check older posts, but we are more than willing to host a friend when you're making the early flight out or a late flight into Billings. We may have a house full, but there is a free bed and pack-and-play and we're willing to play taxi cab! Breakfast and midnight snack included! Just call!!!!

Jenn said...

Forgot to add how jealous I am that you are in Longivew! We haven't been back in over eight years. I know it has changed a ton! I think for memories sake I like remembering the "old campus"!