Saturday, March 31, 2007

Police Wiener Dogs

That's right. I said Police wiener dogs. You see, the Gallatin County Sheriff's department just traded in their 3 German Shepherds for 36 Dachshunds. There was an article about it in today's paper. I laughed so hard I snorted in public. I only wish I could find the article online. But, I can't. So you will just have to read the quotes I found humorous enough to merit typing out.

"These little guys will get you," Sheriff Jim Cashell. "They aren't afraid of anything, and they're not trained to be gentle. They're meaner than snakes."

"These little guys" of course, are the 36 ill-tempered wiener dogs the department acquired recently to replace its trio of larger but less aggressive German shepherds. The shepherds lost favor with deputies because they are more costly to keep and, frankly, don't bite as hard as daschunds, Cashell said.

"We weren't happy with their ability to grab a bad guy and not let go until some real damage is done," Cashell said of the shepherds. "They're too easily distracted by things like dog biscuits and other treats an offender might throw at them." "These little wiener dogs, though, boy look out. They go at you and don't back down until you've learned a hard lesson," he added. "They like nothing more than grabbing an ankle and digging in like a tick."

I knew there was a reason I never liked wiener dogs. They used to chase us while we were riding our bikes and we were scared to death. Apparently, we were right to be.


Jenn said...

Oh my, only in Montana! My grandparents have a wiener dog named "Tinkerbell" and she is not nice! I have read interviews with thieves that say that they are not afraid of big dogs because they can bait them with treats, but it's the little dogs that scared them. Who knew?

j arnst said...

Yes, Jaron just told me that they are used for hunting groundhogs and other "burrow" animals. They are hunters bred for their ability to go into the hole and kill. Fountain of knowledge he is. -jodi

Stephanie said...

I have a PRECIOUS dachshund (and have always had dachshunds growing up) and mine is precious! She never bites! She's an angel! I'm sorry that so many people have bad experiences with them because I LOVE mine!

Sus said...

My grandparents had a chihuahua. Now there was a mean little dog. Give me a mid-size dog, but keep the big ones and the little ones away, please!
Thanks for sharing tho, man, that IS funny!