Saturday, June 19, 2010

Swim Lessons

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On Thursday morning, Eliana had her first swimming lesson! Since we only have a hot tub and do not regularly get to pools, we figured it would be good for her to get some professional training on how to swim! ;D We're taking her to Lone Mountain Gymnastics for swim lessons and I was very impressed with her first one! Her teacher is Roberta, and she was very good with the kids! There were just two little kids in Ellie's group, so she got a lot of individual attention. She did a very good job obeying and paying attention, too, for which I was glad! I'm excited to see Ellie learn how to swim better over the next few weeks as we continue lessons. She was excited to swim when we got back to the hotel (where we were staying all week thanks to the renovations being done on our house) and was even confident jumping into the water, going under, and swimming back up to the surface and towards us. Of course, we were there to catch her if she needed, and I wouldn't call what she was doing "swimming," but there was definite method to the flailing and she could keep her face above water. =D

She is definitely our water girl!

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