Thursday, June 17, 2010

Do you see how much I LOVE this??

... she says as she hugs and kisses the strange item in the store.

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It looked like a dress and a birdcage and a coat rack all in one. And she wanted it.

She even defended her desire by explaining all the places in her room she could store it.

"On my wood chair thing by my bed!" - then you can't sit on it. "Oh."

"Um... on my toy box!" - then you can't open it. "Oh."

"Um... in my bed!" - it will hurt if you roll on it while you sleep. "Oh."

"How about in my window sill?" - it's too big for your window sill. "Oh."

"How about in my thing where my dress up clothes used to go?" - you want to put it in your armoire? "Yes! In my armoire!"

So... little dress / cage / thing of much adoration came home with us. She loves it, even if we can't figure out exactly what it was intended to be.

Most of the time it is a kitty cage.

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And it makes her very happy.

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Ginny said...

Kitty cage. Where can I find two for my house?

nicole said...

It's a necklace hanger/organizer. Time to buy some jewelry for that girl!