Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Excitement

We were in Billings celebrating Father's Day with my parents and brother today. After eating a really good meal at Siam Thai we went fishing at Riverfront Park. After a bit, the weather turned nasty. Then it turned really nasty. Then the tornado sirens went off and we decided it was time to run for the hills. As we were driving away, we saw a really weird funnel cloud coming down a few miles away. It was so odd because it went horizontally through the sky for a lot longer distance than the distance from the ground to the clouds bottoms.

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On the way home we heard that a tornado had hit the Metra, the biggest non-collegiate stadium for a long way. Now that we're home, I've found a video of it. Impressive. Warning: contains cursing.

Here's a picture from the inside of the Metra.

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