Thursday, February 11, 2010

More with the Christmas Recap: Texas

On Christmas day we flew to Texas to spend some time with Elizabeth's family. We kicked off the 26th with gift opening and dinner at Robert's house, then went on a Christmas Train ride through the bayou in Jefferson. It was sort of crazy riding a train through the dark so near all the water. In some places the water was right up against the tracks. But it was pretty to see the lights reflected among the trees in the water, even if it was hard to get pictures of them.

This is Eliana's new kitty. Her name is Black and White Kitty, and she replaces Little Kitty. She was unable to go anywhere without Little Kitty for several months, even after the stuffing was all out of her middle and her tail had been pulled off! I wasn't sure how she'd react to a new kitty, but as you can see, she loves it! In fact, the next day she threw Little Kitty on the floor and said, "I don't like THAT kitty any more!" and proceeded to snuggle with Black and White Kitty. We have a new favorite!

This is Eliana's reaction to anything sparkly. She LOVES shiny things! In this case it is a set of shirts with sparkly designs on them. =D

Eliana's first real experience with Santa Claus happened on our trip to Texas, as we were loading into the train. We have taught her that Santa is not real, so her reaction was priceless...

"Mommy? Who IS this crazy man dressed up like Santa Claus??"

"Okay, I'll try to look natural for the picture.... I won't relax my fist, though!"

"Alright... I'll give you as much of a smile as I can muster, but I still don't trust this guy!"

The train ride itself was much better!

We managed to sneak in a few family pictures before the week was over, too!

From Christmas in Texas with Bitikofers

From Christmas in Texas with Bitikofers

And with that I say, "Merry Christmas" and call our updates done! =D

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Hampers said...

Thanks for sharing the Christmas recap. Your daughter is adorable. i admire those lenses you are having. They are so vivid and charming.