Friday, February 26, 2010

I wasn't made for bitting for!

On Super Bowl Sunday we went to friends' house to watch the game. The kids all played fairly well together, for the most part.

The least part included a bite, and Eliana was on the receiving end. Not only was she in pain (it was a pretty good bite!), but she was confused, too. As I was trying to calm her down and giving her a sympathy bandaid, she told me the following:

"I was not made for bitting for! I was made for being nice to everyone!"

I loved it! She was the oldest of the kiddos there, and couldn't understand why a younger kid would bite her. She didn't try to retaliate or anything, but I loved her reasoning - that she wasn't made to be bitten!


Jaime said...

That is so sweet! And she's so right! :-)

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! She is precious in HIS sight not 'made for biting for'.
What a dear 'big' among all the players Super Bowl Sunday Eliana must have been.