Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Christmas Recap

Okay... so now that we're almost a month and a half past Christmas, perhaps it's time to put up some pictures, eh?

We spent Christmas Eve day with Leif's family in Roundup, including his 104 year old great aunt Lillian.

Christmas Eve with Aunt Lillian

Eliana chatted with her and helped her open her gifts.

Christmas Eve with Aunt Lillian

Christmas Eve with Aunt Lillian

Christmas Eve with Aunt Lillian

Then we opened gifts with the family. Eliana got quite a few gifts, including a pretty dress from South America from Uncle Eric, and some toys, and a volcano science kit, and some markers / art supplies. We were all very blessed to get to spend some time with the Wickland family before heading home that afternoon.

Christmas Eve with Wicklands

The next morning was Christmas, and we had our own gift opening, followed by a big breakfast and a trip to the airport to fly to Texas! I think those pictures will have to be in another post, though, so this one doesn't get too long!

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Hampers said...

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