Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Did I mention she cut her own bangs?

Yeah... I only found out because she got her scissors stuck in her hair and asked me to get them out. Yikes! Thankfully the damage wasn't too bad, but she did end up with short bangs for a while! They've mostly grown out now, but here's what they looked like right after the incident... Notice the one side that is significantly shorter than the other!

Self-cut bangs

Self-cut bangs

I told her she made her hair ugly by cutting it, and that made her sadder than the spanking she got for cutting her hair! (We have discussed the proper use of scissors on several occasions before, so she did know better!) She even called Mommom and Poppy and left a voicemail saying that she gave herself 'ugly hair'. Aside from the fact that it was so sad, it was kind of funny! I'm hoping she learned her lesson and won't do that again!

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