Friday, November 27, 2009

It runs in the family

We have long laughed about the fact that my mother and I see colors and patterns while listening to music. I didn't find out until recently that everyone doesn't. I just assumed it was so, and Leif likes to mock me for it. =D Well, I guess it runs in the family, because tonight as I was tucking Eliana into bed, here's the conversation we had...

Mommy: Do you want to listen to some Christmas music tonight for bedtime?
Eliana: No... how about the black and yellow one that dances and dances and dances?
Mommy: Umm... You want your regular music? (Not quite sure what she means by the black and yellow one...)
Eliana: Yeah.
As the music starts playing
Mommy: Is this the black and yellow one?
Eliana: Yep! The black and yellow one where they dance and dance and dance... (She makes swirly motions as she says "dance and dance and dance".)

I had to share the bad news with Leif immediately. It looks like he's out numbered. Synesthetes: 2, Normals: 1

Sorry, Leif. It runs in the family.


tpy said...

The musician Ida Maria is a synesthete. She'll tell her band, "Do this one in pink."

The Musician said...

Yay! The world needs more people who see music like this.