Friday, October 06, 2006

Standin' Tall

For some reason, Ellie often prefers standing to laying down. Perhaps its because she is so fond of looking around and seeing the world. She's had the leg strength to support her weight for some time now, but the balance just hasn't been there. She's needed one of us to hold her torso for stability. Recently, though, her balance has improved considerably and she's been enjoying standing up, holding onto our fingers. As she's gained confidence, she's become a little more daring. =) Yesterday she held my hand with one hand and held the wire shelf of her changing table with the other hand while standing. And today, while performing the same trick, she let go of the wire rack, using only my hand for stability. It surprised her a little and she was wobbly, but she didn't fall down. She's only 2 1/2 months old, so I don't expect she'll be walking any time soon, and she'll probably lose interest in standing in the near future when she learns to do something else, but for now it's so cute to see her try to keep her balance amidst the wiggles and squirms of her little body.

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Anonymous said...

so cute! hopefully for you, she doesn't start moving around (i.e. crawling) anytime soon!! love those hanging stars!