Sunday, October 15, 2006

New Walker

We bought Eliana a walker tonight. It's not that she's ready to walk yet, she just likes standing up and looking around. We don't have a little seat or anything for her to work on her sitting balance with, either, so we figured this would be a good thing for her.

Neither Walmart nor Target had any walkers - seems the popular thing these days are stationary "activity centers". We want something that Ellie can wander around the family/play room in the basement with when she actually gets to the toddling stage, so a stationary spinning toy wasn't what we were looking for. We put it together (which was pretty easy, actually) and plopped her down into it. First off, her feet don't touch the ground yet, which means it's pretty cute when she kicks her legs in mid-air.

But Ellie played in it for a good while tonight and really seemed to enjoy it. I put some of those linking rings on the tray and she played with those some, but mostly just kicked her legs and looked around. I think she likes being able to sit up and see things.

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Anonymous said...

too cute!!! - tam