Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Working Mother...

This past week has been pretty busy for our whole family. Elizabeth has been working hard to expand her Mark Kay business. We've been busy trying to make decisions about the new house. I've been trying to make progress on my master's project. Not everything that we intended to get done around the house has.
This morning Elizabeth, while surveying our not entirely clean house, began to proclaim "The working mother must be ├╝ber-organized." She paused for dramatic effect. "Someone I know is not--"

From the breakfast table, our impertinent daughter interrupted, with arm outstretched and index finger pointed, "It's you, mommy! It's you!"

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Ginny said...

To be fair, I think she sorta set herself up for Ellie's remark. Pausing for dramatic effect almost always invites impertinent remarks. I know, I am the queen of both.