Saturday, September 11, 2010

Little Girl Music

As Elizabeth mentioned, we sold our house yesterday. Hooray! Because the buyers have been kind enough to allow us to rent the house for a bit while our new house is being built, we invited the buyers to dinner so they'd have a chance to celebrate in their new house. They said it was a really thoughtful gesture and readily accepted.

While we were eating together, the conversation somehow turned to how their their 1.5 year old had managed to download Lady Gaga's Bad Romance on her father's phone. It turned out that all their kids really liked the music.

That reminded me of the anecdote Elizabeth told me from the recent trip to Texas. While her parents were driving around Dallas after picking Eliana up from the airport, El said she didn't like what was playing on the radio. She said they needed to listen to some little girl music. Mommom tried to let Ellie down by saying that they probably wouldn't find any little girl music on the radio. All the same, they started surfing stations. All of a sudden, Ellie started singing along to a song that she said was little girl music. After a bit, the grandparents realized that she was jamming to Lady Gaga.

So, this morning I wanted to see what Eliana would do if I played Bad Romanace for her. She told me it was little girl music and headed off to "ballet" around the living room, pirouetting and bowing with a supremely angelic countenance. What makes me laugh the hardest is that there's no distinguishable difference (to me) in the way she dances to Bach.

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Elizabeth Wickland said...

I would like to point out that the reason Eliana is familiar with Lady Gaga in the first place is because her father introduced her to it. I claim no responsibility. =D