Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Parties R Us

There's a relatively new play place in Bozeman called Parties R Us that we checked out earlier in the week. It's full of those inflatable obstacle courses and bouncy houses and slides and a really fun way to get some energy out on cold days, which we've been having a lot of lately! Just for kicks I tried out the video camera on my new phone (which uploads the videos directly to YouTube for me - woohoo!), so here's Eliana having fun on the inflatables!

If you're local, I recommend heading over there sometime. It's fun!


Mory said...

You all have been very busy lately and braving the cold!!! Love all the photos and your hat from F11 photo shoot. I still need your 'tutorial' on how you get big pics on your blog. They are awesome and I am too dense to figure it out...I have tried! I had temporarily forgotten about Parties R Us but might have to pull it out of my hat in the next couple of days.

Catherine said...

I'm only going to assume that you went through the obstacle course too to get that video. Kudos to you! I always wanted to go through it but didn't know if I would make it. Next time I'm trying it!