Sunday, December 20, 2009

9 Years!

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I can't believe I completely forgot to blog about our anniversary! Well, as of December 16th, we have officially been married for 9 years this year! I can't believe that next year will be 10. Where did the years go?

This picture is actually of us all dressed up for the Right Now Christmas Party, not of our anniversary, but I decided it was fitting enough. =D

Leif's parents came out to watch Eliana so we could go on a date. We started with dinner at Damasco's including the yummiest salads and pasta and calzone. Yum! Then we headed to Barnes and Noble for some time reading next to each other. It's a passtime we used to enjoy a lot and haven't been able to often since Eliana was born. It was really nice just to sit and read until the store closed. =D Bozeman doesn't have much of a night life, and we were too cheap to pay to see a movie, so we headed downtown to Plonk for dessert. They have creme brulee there, and it's a different flavor every time we go. This time it was hazelnut vanilla.

We had a GREAT date night, but are glad that we don't have to go on "real" dates often - they're expensive! =D Dinner and a movie just isn't as cheap as it was when we were in college. Ah, the good old days. =D

Now Leif is off work until after the holidays and we are enjoying having him home! I love happy holidays!


leifw said...

I love you, Mrs. Wickland. Thanks spending 9 years with me.

Dave Dunkin said...

Congrats. With CiCi's and the sticky floor theater you could get dinner and a movie for two for about $12. Those were the days.

Michãel said...

So did you drive together or meet in town? ;-) Happy Anniversary!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

He came home and picked me up, like a "real" date. Even showed up at the door with flowers. =D