Saturday, January 10, 2009

Song Maker-Upper

All of my life I have been making up songs. It's just one of those weird things about me. I choose to think that it's a gift rather than an oddity, but I'm pretty sure it's genetic.

And I appear to have passed this marvelous gift on to my daughter.

Just now Eliana was happily singing "Jingle Bells" while I was making some cheesy eggs. So to the tune of Jingle Bells I started singing, "Cheesy eggs, cheesy eggs, cheesy eggs today..." and without skipping a beat she chimed in, "Oh what fun are cheesy eggs while we're at the farm!"

Now, I have no idea where the farm line came from, but I'm impressed with her ability to improvise like that on the spot! She kept the tune, started the line the same as the regular song, and then improvised on the subject I was singing about.

Yep! It's definitely genetic....

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