Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sledding with Ellie

After the little heat wave we've been having, we finally got some new fresh snow last night! It snowed all day yesterday and last night and this morning, the slow kind of snow that just wafts from the sky alighting on trees, like this:

Flocked trees are great! Not as great as sledding, however, so that's what Leif and Ellie did this afternoon, using Ellie's NEW sled!

(I guess when Leif and Ellie were at Walmart yesterday Leif had a gift card from a return to spend, so he stopped to look at sleds. He and Ellie decided we needed a new sled, and she spied this purple one, exclaiming, "A GIRL sled!!" Guess which one made it home with them?)

We got a two-person sled, and Leif rode down the hill with Ellie a couple times, but mostly she wanted to do it herself. That's pretty common these days. She even dragged the sled up the hill by herself a couple times.

All in all, she had a great time. They were out sledding for quite a while, despite the fact that it was in the single digits. I dressed Ellie in layers and layers of clothes, with two pairs of mittens and hand warmers between them, in hopes that she would stay warm enough. Apparently, it worked! She didn't complain about being cold until Leif said it was time to go. She called me and asked if she could have some hot chocolate, so I got it ready for her while they came home. She enjoyed her hot chocolate, and then, tuckered out as she was from the sledding, collapsed into bed, happy as could be.


Anonymous said...

That's our precious girl!

The Musician said...

Sigh. I don't wish to live with snow all winter, but it would be nice to have some sledding!

Dana said...

nothing better than a happy, tuckered out kid. for a second i thought it was strange that i hadn't seen any sleds at our walmart... umm, duh!

Kathleen said...

I think the last picture has to go in next years book :-)

Susan Beth said...

Hey, great to see a post, and she is looking so beautiful, grown and apparently rather independent! That's your girl!