Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Poppy!

Eliana called Poppy tonight to say, "Happy Birthday" to him. And somewhere along the way she ended up singing the sweetest, cutest little Happy Birthday song to him. The best part? I think the best part was how she tacked "cake" to the end of "happy birthday" every so often. It went something like this:

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Poppy's birthday cake!
Happy Birthday! and cake!

It was sweet.

Almost as sweet as the voicemail she left them last week. It pretty much consisted of a series of "I love you!"s, as though repeating it enough would convince them to pick up the phone. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way with voicemail, but that's what it reminded me of. In any event, it was pretty sweet, too.

Perhaps the greatest show of love for Mommom and Poppy today was simply a question. She colored a flower for Mommom and then asked me if we could give it to Mommom. I said we could mail it and she responded by asking if we could get on a "jet" (her word) and go to Mommom and Poppy's house and give Mommom her flower. She asked not just once, but several times. Today she REALLY wanted to go. I hope airline tickets get cheaper soon, because I'm not sure I can resist too many more questions like that!


The Scherms said...

TOO CUTE!!! I'm sure that your parents just melted when they heard that. They might buy your tickets for you:):) or at least one for Eliana.

Jared and Jessica Taylor said...

That is so sweet! These kids surprise me everyday with the things they come up with! It's so great that you're diligent in keeping up with it all- that will be priceless to her when she gets older. I am determined to work harder at that myself (seeing that my last post was January 12... 2008!!).
Hope things are going great in MT!!

Angie said...

Awe....Mommom would be beside herself if she opened the front door & Ellie was there to bring her something!