Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Sandwich Snatcher

During the nearly two weeks that my mom was here Eliana decided that she is now a big girl. She got a new big girl car seat and she rides in the "big girl" seat in the shopping cart. She is also not interested in eating her baby food anymore. She wants big girl food. The other day we were going to go shopping, so mom made a quick sandwich to eat in the car. While she was getting ready to go out to the car, she sat Ellie up on the counter and grabbed her sandwich. Ellie was intrigued and lunged for it, so mom let her bite a little bit off. Apparently Ellie liked it a lot, because she ravenously grabbed it and ate it like she hadn't been fed in days. I should mention that she'd just been fed rather large lunch. Mom had to eat her sandwich as quickly as she could, just to salvage some of it from Ellie! It was hilarious. All told Ellie ate half of Mom's sandwich. Thankfully I had my camera in hand to bring you footage:

The first taste of peanut butter sandwich

Careful observation

Let me try!

Give me that sandwich!


Now let me feed YOU some!

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Anonymous said...

that is SO CUTE! i love watching Ellie's personality grow and mature.... she's so fun! - tam