Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I love these pictures of Eliana discovering the camera. She has become extremely curious about things lately. She is getting into EVERYTHING and is testing her boundaries. She knows what "no" means, but lately it seems like she is testing to see if we really mean it when we say it. She is becoming more independent and is as active as ever. Today we were at the Children's Museum for playgroup and I put Ellie down on the floor to play. She crawled everywhere - crawled, mind you, not power-scooted. I don't know if the carpet was different and so she didn't want to drag her belly on it or what, but she just got up on all fours and crawled away to get into stuff or go after the other kids. I've seen her do it before, for short spurts, but nothing like today. And now that we are home again, she is crawling here, too. Maybe she has finally realized that it really is a more efficient way to get around.

Ellie also discovered the box of tupperware in the pantry today. She loves climbing up on things and loves digging through and pulling stuff out. Right now there is tupperware strewn all over because she was digging in the box. She also started pulling the clothes out of the laundry basket. She's like a tornado... leaving destruction in her wake for her mommy to pick up!


Jenn said...

She has got some amazing eyes!!

Anonymous said...

I so understand about the mess. The other day a good friend of ours dropped by our house and said that he could tell that our house had a 1 year old because of the mess from one end to the other. Somedays it feels like a loosing battle to keep up with the mess and I just then wait until he is in bed to fight that battle.

Dustin said...

congrats! shes beautiful