Sunday, April 15, 2007

Problem Solving

Eliana has been side stepping along a couch more often recently. Some time last week, we watched her cruise from one of end the couch to the other to approach her musical table. Unfortunately, the table was further from the couch than she could reach and her emptied easter basket was between the two. Holding onto the couch with her left hand, she reached down to pick up the basket to move it. Her right arm wasn't strong enough, so she turned her back to the couch and reached down with both hands to lift the basket. Leaning against the couch, with the basket raised over her head and above the couch, she dropped it. Unfortunately, the basket rolled off the couch and back to its original obstructing position. It was time for a new tactic. Ellie put one hand on the offending basket's handle and, using it for balance, took step over to musical table. We were both very impressed. We were also chagrined that we'd not gotten the camera; we'd been pretty sure that she'd succeed, but hadn't wanted to miss the show.

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