Monday, April 30, 2007

Another Peek into the Future...

Last night we had the Varpness family over and we spent a good portion of the evening outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Leif blew giant bubbles for Lily to chase and I could just see him doing the same thing in a couple years with Ellie. He's a good daddy.

It's been warm out lately, which has been wonderful. Beautiful sunshine just makes you want to spend time outside! In fact, today I'm planning on starting my container gardening. I'm planting tomatoes, peppers, and onions today, and we'll see if I do anything else later. It may still freeze, but if I plant in big pots on the deck, they get full sun during the day and I can bring them inside at night if it looks like it'll be too cold. I got Early Girl tomatoes, so we'll see if they do well with the short growing season. Last year I got lots of tomatoes, but there were still a TON of green ones when it got cold in the fall. So maybe I will have better luck with this variety.

I end this post with a photo of little Ellie, because I know that it's what the readers want! But I warn you... she has not been interested in having her picture taken lately. She's either too busy doing or watching something, or won't sit still and smile for me anymore. I'm sorry. I will try to do better. =) But we did get a new card reader yesterday, so I'm able to get pictures (and video again!!) off the camera more easily, so I'll see if I can get better ones today! Happy Monday!

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Jaime said...

Your green grass makes me want to walk barefoot through it. :-)