Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Pictures

For Eliana's first Easter we went to church and then headed to Billings for lunch with Grammee and Grandad, Uncle Eric, Great-Grandpa and Gayle. We gave Ellie her Easter basket on Saturday, including little plush Peeps toys!

Ellie's Easter basket

Our little family

Walk with me, Daddy!

Hoppity Hop!

Sweet little Ellie

Sitting by the tree


Anonymous said...

LOVE your short hair! when'd you cut it again?! she's so darling in her easter dress... great to see a full family photo again! sounds like a fun day! - tam

Dana said...

it's a strange sight that you're up north with short sleeves and sunshine, and we were down here with long sleeves and coldness!!

Jenn said...

So fun to see your family!! I love the excitement on her face as she looks in her basket.