Friday, June 16, 2006


I don't have to panic any more... we have DIAPERS! Leif, wonderful father-to-be that he is, stopped and got them on his way to work this morning. Pictured above are...

12 natural (undyed) prefolds
2 hemp prefolds
2 snappis fasteners (used instead of pokey diaper pins)
1 organic terrycloth square diaper
2 wonderfulls diaper inserts (for wonderoos and fuzzibunz)
2 kissaluvs newborn diapers
3 bummis diaper covers
1 fuzzibunz pocket diaper
1 wonderoos pocket diaper

My own cloth diaper sampler. We also purchased a diaper pail liner, flushable diaper inserts, a small diaper tote for the diaper bag (gotta put those dirties somewhere), and deoderizer disks for the diaper pail. Today was a good day.


Charlotte said...

Cool! I have been ever so curious about the whole reusable diaper thing. They look good! So, how much money have you spent this far? I am going to track this closely as to make a wise decision for our next baby!

samantha Jo Campen said...

We are already planning on using cloth and we're not even pregnant yet! I was looking at the website mother-ease and seem pretty happy with those.

Please tell me how it's all going. My one questions that I can't seem to 'get' is how many do you need to only do diaper laundry 3X a week? Because we live in an apartment with a laundry room (at least it's only downstairs) and I don't want to have to go down there every day. So I was thinking of diaper laundry 2-3X a week.

Also, how are your homemade wipes working out as I was planning on trying those as well. Too much of a hassle or is it pretty hassel free?

Thank you for educating me! I want to be as prepared as possible when the time comes and hearing from someone really doing it, as opposed to the person from the diaper webiste emailing me, is much better. Thanks again!!

And she's beautiful by the way but you already knew that! :-)