Friday, March 10, 2006

Spring Break!

Woohoo! Spring Break has finally arrived and Elizabeth will be heading to Texas for some quality time with her family. She will also get to see her best friend Charlotte's one month old daughter, Alyse, for the first time. The trip promises to be a good one, full of much ooh-ing and ahh-ing over baby things.


nicole y. said...

I just found the family blog and I quickly read all the posts. Congratulations, again, Elizabeth. You seem to be doing really well. I wish you both the best. We will be visiting this summer - maybe you could have to baby early so we could meet her?

Have a restful break.

timothy paul yenter said...

So does the "Woohoo!" apply only to "Spring Break has finally arrived," or does it also apply to "Elizabeth will be heading to Texas"?

Cheering for your wife to leave? Maybe you need a catch-up lesson on the whole father/husband thing.

Or is Elizabeth writing in Bob Dole/third person?

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Elizabeth was indeed writing in third person, though I'm sure Leif is also feeling "woohoo"ish as he took the day off to ski today... BigSky supposedly got a foot of new snow. Not so in Texas... beautiful, warm, Spring weather.

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Nicole - I have a feeling this little one will be late, not early - and aren't you coming in May? That might be a tad too early... but I'll definitely be sporting a rotund belly declaring the imminent arrival of our wee one.

Do give us the dates you'll be in town as soon as you know them so we can plan to see you. We'd like that.