Friday, March 03, 2006

Practice makes perfect

Leif's newest hobby... snatching up other people's babies to hold. It happens frequently, and it's darn cute of him. He seems very comfortable with young'uns, babies and toddlers alike. I don't often get pictures of the many moments he spends holding babies, but he took the opportunity again at the banquet, so I grabbed the camera. This is two month old Tjabe, son of our English teacher and his wife, whose elbow you can sort of see in the corner of the photo. They got him all spiffed up for the evening, bow tie and all. It's great to see Leif with kids, babies especially - particularly because he's not scared of them when they cry. Practice makes perfect, so practice away! The sleepless nights of summer will be upon us before we know it.


DREW! said...
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DREW! said...

Good posture, nice head cradle, and extra points for adorning the burp cloth over the shoulder.

Leif's baby-hold in this picture rates at least a 9.8!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

9.8 - wow. He'll be impressed at his newfound skill.