Thursday, March 02, 2006

Banquet Dress

Petra's fundraising banquet was last night. Robert asked if he could design and make a dress for the occasion - of course, I said yes! It's hard enough to find dresses when I'm not pregnant... This is the dress he made for last night. It fits well and he was even kind enough to make a little jacket to go with it for the cold Montana winter evening.


Leif Wickland said...

You sure are cute!

Is it still a "cold Montana winter evening" if it's an unseasonably warm Montana winter evening at just below freezing?

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Yes, it's still cold if it's below freezing. It's just a whole lot more pleasant than the "REALLY cold Montana winter evenings."

Jerry Wickland said...

It's nice to see you again. Look for me when I'm least expected.

Now, where is that Target web site ??

Nice dress, by the way, but you're the real star!