Saturday, April 28, 2012

When life gives you...

After a week of record breaking high temperatures, our valley took a turn for the chilly.  A late spring storm dumped inches of snow.

When Eliana came downstairs first thing this morning, she looked out the window and exclaimed "Snow!" She then started bustling about in ways that I didn't really follow as I put away dishes.  Next thing I knew she was speeding out the door with boots on.

Soon she came back in with a cone loaded with snow and was asking for flavoring.

Three noteworthy things about this deserve praise:
  • My kindergardener upon re-entering the house with her snow-cone-in-the-making in hand first took off her boots at the door, carried them across the house to where we keep our shoes, and put them away without prompting.  I was so proud.
  • The kiddo didn't complain in any fashion about the snow.  She just excitedly jumped on the opportunity to make snow cones.  (Also she wanted to go skiing, but, alas...)
  • And finally, Elizabeth keeps snow cone syrup in the pantry which is a brilliant thing to have on hand to turn a dismal late season snow into a rare treat.

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