Tuesday, April 10, 2012

She left her calling card....

Today while we were mailing a package, Eliana asked for something to write on. Trying to keep focusing on what I was doing, I handed her the first thing from my purse that I found - a napkin. Eliana started to object, saying that it had to be something big enough to write her phone number on. Then she opened it up, remained quiet, and "wrote." Before we left, she quickly handed the napkin with her "number" on it to the guy behind the counter and said it was so he could call her. At that point, I started questioning my parenting skills, but we were already heading out, so I let it go.

In the car, I asked her what her phone number was. When she asked me to repeat the question, I asked what phone number she wrote on the napkin for that guy. Her reply was quick and clear:

"five seven zero... four one nine nine!"

D'oh! That's MY phone number. **facepalm**

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