Monday, September 12, 2011


Ellie built herself a little "beaver fort" out of cushions and pillows and wanted to write a sign that said "No Coming In The Beaver House" to keep people out.

(First off, let me just say... not even her first full week into school and suddenly she's wanting to write signs? Crazy.)

She wrote "no" with no problems, "coming" required a little help from me, and she got "in" on her own. The word "the" is a tricky one, and I asked if she remembered what made the sound "th". She said she didn't, then got a spark in her eye.

"These books over here will help me remember how to spell it." She ran to the bookshelf and pulled off one of the Chronicles of Narnia. "See this word here? (Pointing to THE Magician's Nephew) It's "the", so that's how you spell it."

I was pretty impressed with her resourcefulness. Way to go, kid.

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