Friday, May 07, 2010

Skippity, skippity, skippity... faceplant!

Eliana is currently running around the house wearing a bib on backwards, pretending to be a super hero. She's toting around a kitty stuffed into a sock, pretending it is a kitty mermaid who must be rescued from the monsters. (The monsters would be us, Leif and Elizabeth. I am apparently a robot and Leif is a monster, and we scare the kitty-mermaid.) Ellie informed me that her name is "Super Eliana" but her big girl name (her non-super-hero name?) is Jessuar (Jess-you-are). Then she proceeded to skip across the room and dive head first into the couch. Because that's what super heroes do.

Skippity skippity skippity FACEPLANT.

I am in a constant state of confusion and awe in the face of that girl's imagination and energy.


Kathleen said...

Never fear Super Eliana, Pig One will soon be there to help her save kitty mermaids from evil robots and monsters!

Tamara said...

thanks for the smile AND the laugh - i needed it!