Saturday, March 06, 2010


The other day Eliana was in the basement with me and she brought me her little doodle pad and showed it to me, saying, "Look, Mommy! This says 'Pop!'"

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And so it does. I was impressed that (1) she wrote it, and (2) she knew what it said. I asked if she could write it again, and I videoed her writing...

Afterward she told me that POP starts off the words Poppy and Popcorn. Yes, yes, they it does. I think we are in a learning spurt again as she is coming up with this stuff more and more frequently, showing new skills and growing in her knowledge and understanding of the things around her. It's a fun stage!

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Even if it is a crazy stage....

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(Oh, and please ignore the remnants of cookie on her face! I don't often let her look like a ragamuffin, but this was apparently one of those days!)

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Michãel said...

Wow! Impressive Eliana!