Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Drinks with Friends

The other morning Eliana got out two cups and told me she had one for herself and one for her best friend Josie. Two little cups for two little girls. She filled them with water and sprinkled some vitamin water flavoring into them, and set them out for when Josie came over. Then she decided to draw a picture of the two of them, drinking their drinks together. I love it!

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Josie is on the right, with pigtails. The way Ellie draws pigtails cracks me up because they look like little horns! But she drew pigtails on Josie's head, and then braids (the squiggly lines) on her own head. And notice the little (or big, in Ellie's case!) cups in their hands. I love that she is starting to set herself up for future coffee dates with friends already! =D

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