Sunday, July 26, 2009

How Old Are You?

Eliana turned 3 years old on Sunday. Of course, everyone asks her how old she is, and she is happy to tell them that she is 3. Today is the start of our Bitikofer Family Reunion here in Kansas, so she is, of course, getting lots of opportunities to tell people how old she is. Unfortunately for them, she usually turns the question right back after answering it herself. Poor cousin Helen was one of the unfortunate today, and here's about how  the conversation went:

Helen: Well, hello! And how old are you?
Eliana: I'm 3. How old are you?
(The rest of the group starts chuckling)
Helen: Well, I'm a whole lot older than you are.
Eliana: Do you remember the dinosaurs?!
(The chuckles turn into full-on laughter)

Having a 3 year old at a family reunion is sort of fun. =D

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The Musician said...

Classic! I got asked if I was Cora's gramma while in Texas. Awesome.