Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ellie's Boyfriend...

So Eliana is with my parents this week while I'm in Dallas at the Mary Kay Seminar and Leif is home in MT. Today my parents and Ellie stopped at a gas station where Eliana talked to the lady behind the counter. The conversation went something like this...

Lady: How old are you?
Ellie: I'm two. I will be three on July 19.
Lady: Oh... Do you have a boyfriend?
Ellie: Yes... No... Zach is in Salt Lake City.

Not  only does she answer questions very thoroughly, but she's 100% correct on all accounts.

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Composing Hallelujahs said...


yes i sold MK when sam was an infant and i was still in school. BIG HUGE mistake for me. lost a lot of money with that one. and didn't like the sale driven aspect. the talk just didn't match the walk from the people i saw in it at the time. BUT i am so thrilled that you are thoroughly enjoying it!!!!! :)

yes i wanna see ya! just say when and where! daytime/nighttime/whatever!