Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We're sitting at the table right now. I am doing things on the computer and Ellie is coloring a picture of a turkey. And so we have this little conversation:

Ellie: What's your name?
Me: Elizabeth. What's your name?
Ellie: I'm Ellie Turkey.
Me: You're Ellie Turkey?
Ellie: Yes. You're a turkey, too.
Me: I'm a turkey, too?
Ellie: No, I'M not a turkey, I'm Eliana Wickland! You're Elizabeth.
Me: I'm Elizabeth Wickland?
Ellie: No, not yet! Just Elizabeth.

Ha ha! Where does she get these things? Apparently, Wickland is only part of HER name, not part of ours. But it cracks me up that she tacked on the "not yet" to her correction! I also think it's funny that she told me first that her name was Ellie Turkey. Some days she IS a turkey.

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bitikofk said...

Well, at least you can be thankful you're not a pig :-)