Saturday, September 20, 2008

My, what a long name you have!

Ellie has a friend named Zach. As they run around playing wildly with each other, screaming and hooting like feral children, they address each other by their given names.  Imagine two two-year-olds tearing around saying:

"Zachary? Zachary? Where are you?"
"I'm here, Eliana."

It's funny. All the funnier to me was that Ellie has younger friend who attempted to say Ellie's name. It kept coming out as "Anna." Her mother tried to teach her that it was "Eliana" at which point Ellie piped up and said, "Don't say it like that. My name is Ellie."


Dana said...


Susan Beth said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Haaaapppyyyy BBBBIiiiRRRRRRTHDay Dear Elizabeth! Happy Birthday to You!

And believe me, that is way better than if I actually sang it to you.

And on the name thing. . . Andrew Jansse Breuner still has an issue with what to use - when people don't get "Jansse" he will quickly say "Oh just call me Andrew," but then he doesn't answer because he forgets it is his name. It just adds to the confusion!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
To Our Favorite DIL!
Happy Birthday to you.
Keep Looking UP!

Ivy Six-Pack said...

Video from the weekend up on my blog. Wish we could have connected!