Saturday, September 27, 2008


The pinkeye, that is. We have passed the 24 hour quarantine period (and actually, we're past the 48 hour period at this point) and Ellie is still letting us put drops into her eye (still a few tears when we do it, I'm guessing because the medicine stings, but not the kicking and screaming that we started with yesterday morning) and hopefully will for the next 8 days, but the redness is all gone, she's not contagious any more, and we don't seem to have caught it.

And you never notice just how much your eyes itch in a given day until you are avoiding touching your eyes *just in case* and washing and sanitizing your hands at every turn. Turns out my eyes itch a lot in the course of a day! Nothing too bad, just a twitch here and there that I never think twice about except when I'm trying to avoid pinkeye and paranoid about getting it!

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