Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Things Ellie Has Said in Texas

Since Elizabeth is in the Internet-bandwidth wasteland known as Texas, she's not been posting about Ellie. However, she did manage to send me an email, which I'll repost here. By the way, Barbie is a college student who's living with Elizabeth's parents.

    • This morning Ellie said "beautiful girl... Barbie!" It was cute. She adores Barbie.
    • Every time Ellie falls down or runs into something she either says "oops" "whoops" or "bonk"
    • She told Mommom "poopy" and pointed to her diaper, only to laugh her "ha ha! made you look!" laugh when Mommom came over to check.
    • Saturday night Ellie was mad that she had to go in her car seat and cried and cried and cried until they drove past a house that was all lit up with Christmas lights. Then she stopped crying and looked at the house saying "preeeeettttyyyy". Once they passed the house, though, the crying resumed.
    • That same night, when Mommom told Ellie not to do something and gave her a stern look, Ellie simply looked down so she wouldn't see Mommom's stern look. No one has ever done that to my mom!
    • When Ellie does something she thinks she's supposed to, she tells herself (and everyone around her) "good girl"
    • She has to identify (as "airplane! airplane!") every airplane she sees or thinks she hears.
    • When she sees pictures of people she knows, she identifies who they are. So far she has identified Mommy, Daddy, Poppy, Mommom, Robert, Barbie, Zack, and her favorite, "Ellie". She pretty much always gets herself right. =D
    • When she hears the ABC song (or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, since they have the same tune) she starts singing her letters. It is really cute and she only does it when she hears that tune. Her letters go something like "A" "E" "O" "F" "G" "H" "E" "I" "F" "E"...
    • When Ellie "talks" on her toy phone, she always starts with "hello" jabbers, laughs, jabbers, and ends with "bye bye". It's hilarious.
    • When we got back from Tyler, TX, I pulled Ellie out of the car and asked if she wanted to see Mommom. She said "Mommom, Mommom, Mommom" all the way to the house. She was SO excited to see Mommom and just giggled and played with her. Then, after playing with Mommom for a few minutes, she got up and said "Poppy?". We told her Poppy wasn't home yet. He got home about 15 mintues later and after she played with him a little bit she asked "Robert?" We said he wasn't here, then she asked "Barbie?" We said she wasn't there either. But then Ellie went around the house calling "Barbie! Barbie! Barbie...!" It was funny.
    • When Ellie hears the "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes" song, she does the motions (or most of them, at least).
    • Ellie can say "Alyse" (Charlotte's daughter)
    • When you pick Ellie's nose and ask "What's that?" she says "Booger".
    • Today there was a commercial on TV for Curious George and I asked what Curious George was. Ellie said "Monkey."
    • The other day I asked Ellie what she ate for breakfast (since Poppy had fed her) and she said "Food".

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