Friday, September 07, 2007

Reunion (part 2)

On Sunday afternoon we headed out to Lake Cherokee to continue the reunion. Thanks to Trey we had the use of a lake house and boat that was just perfect for the afternoon! We ordered Bodacious barbecue (and a LOT of it) and sat around reminiscing and looking at senior books and pictures and going out on the boat. The wee ones were there that day, too, so we got to see each others kiddos, which was a lot of fun! Charlotte and Andrew have two kids:

Rob has a 13 month old daughter:

(so do I!)

and Jacqueline has FOUR kids! 9,6, and 20 months. The 20 month old twins were there for a short while, but then went home with Grandma for the rest of the afternoon. Yeah, I didn't get a family picture of them, but here's one of Jackie on the boat:

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