Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ellie and Uncle Rob

Elizabeth's Uncle Rob came out to MT for a week long fishing trip at the beginning of September. We haven't seen him since our wedding nearly 7 years ago, so it was wonderful to have the chance to visit with him again! It was also Ellie's first chance to meet her Great Uncle Rob and, though she pretended to be shy and didn't really want him to hold her, she like him. We didn't get too many pictures of them together, but we did take a few on the day before he left. We tried to get a nice posed picture of Uncle Rob holding Ellie, but she wouldn't hear of it. Oh, and the cute little outfit Ellie's wearing in the picture? One of the many Aunt Judy (Uncle Rob's wife) sent us before Ellie was born! They are all cute as can be and she is finally wearing 18 month clothes so we can put her in them!

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