Saturday, August 25, 2007

What's New?

So... what has Eliana learned in the past week with Mommom and Poppy? I'll give you three guesses. Has she learned to...

a) run
b) play harmonica
c) climb

If you picked d) all of the above, you're correct! We've been here less than half our stay and already Ellie has learned so many things. She can now RUN from place to place and Mommom taught her how to climb up and stand on things like stools and tupperware containers. She's working on climbing onto the couch, but hasn't mastered that one yet.

And yes, she can play the harmonica. I'm sort of ashamed to admit that my 13 month old figured out that you can blow into AND suck on the harmonica and it will make different sounds before I did. Yeah... feeling a little dumb about that one. I've got video of her playing the harmonica, but am going to wait until I'm at home (that is, not using dial-up) to upload it.

On the language front, Ellie was looking out the window today at my dad mowing the lawn and very clearly said "Poppy" as she watched him. Then tonight Robert came over for dinner and I said something about saying hi to Uncle Robert when Ellie looked at him, smiled, and said "Robert" as clear as could be. She called him Robert a couple other times during the evening, too. I was shocked and impressed! She's also been putting a couple words together and saying "read book" when she wants to be read to.

I'm sure there are other things to share, but it's late, I'm tired, and we need to get up and go to church in the morning, so I should get some sleep. Goodnight!

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