Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Tweaksters

I keep meaning to blog about Sweet Pea, so I'm finally going to do it. On Friday night of Sweet Pea, the big performance was by the Tweaksters. They're an acrobatic duo unlike anything I've ever seen before. We went thinking it would be entertaining and left amazed and almost speechless. It was awesome. If you ever have the opportunity to see this group, GO! They alone were worth the admission to Sweet Pea.

They did the typical acrobatic balancing stuff, mixed with some juggling and dancing. Some of it was stuff I'd seen other people do, and some just blew me away. They were very fun and family-friendly with their routines, using bright costumes and props that held kids' attention. Their feats of strength and balance held ours.

They had a whole routine worked out using those big exercise balls, from juggling and balancing them to rolling under and over them (sort of like the tracks of a tank move).

Their grand exit from the stage at the end of that routine was "surfing" down a line of exercise balls right off the stage. I have a hard enough time just sitting on one of those, let alone balancing on them and surfing them!

They also did a couple acts where the guy juggled and played songs on a marimba at the same time. In between juggling the batons, he'd strike the keys with them. It was crazy, and he was really good at it!

Through the whole performance, the couple demonstrated how strong they were, but their strength was most evident in their last act. A combination of twirling two balls on a rope (that had to keep spinning in order to avoid becoming slack) and lifting and balancing left us blown away. Here is their signature move. She is spinning the balls on a rope and both of them are balancing completely on her legs from the knees down. There are no hidden props, and they are not resting on anything. They got into that position from standing and then returned to standing after staying this this for a few moments. That is one strong woman!!

The whole performance was amazing. It even had Ellie mesmerized, when she wasn't clapping and dancing along, that is!

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Jaime said...

Wow, look at the muscles in her stomach! That looks like it would have been a lot of fun (to watch, not perform!) :-)