Saturday, June 16, 2007

Good Evening!

This afternoon we went for a little hike up to Palisade Falls in the Hyalite. It was a short hike and we went up quickly, but the falls were beautiful. Even Ellie was awe struck.

This was her first trip up to see Palisade and we even managed enough forethought to get a family picture in.

On the way down from the falls, we noticed a little purple flower by the trail. We recognized it as a "Fairy Slipper" or "Calypso" - one of the few orchids native to Montana. Then we noticed that there were quite a few of these delicate little flowers growing near the trail. They're fairly rare and only bloom for a couple weeks, so we feel fortunate to have seen them this time AND to have a camera with us! We'd seen them only once before in the four years that we've lived here. They really are beautiful.

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Christina said...

What a neat place to be able to hike! That flower is amazing too - it really does resemble a slipper. Your daughter sure is cute!