Friday, November 17, 2006


For the past couple days Ellie has been really clingy, fussy, drooly, and has been gnawing on everything. And today she's got a bit of a runny nose. She doesn't seem sick (no cough, sneezing, etc.) - maybe she's teething? Dr. Benda said to look for it starting around 4 months and she'll be 4 months on Sunday. I can't feel any teeth in her gums, but she sure is interested in chewing on anything that gets near her mouth! (Especially the side of her swing. Silly girl!)


Anonymous said...

Our doctor had said that sometimes the teeth just move around in there causing "teething" symptoms, and no teeth show up for many months. Its a sort of "pre-teething". Poor Ellie, either way it does not sound like fun to me! We are working on teeth right now too!


Elizabeth Wickland said...

Yeah, our doctor said the same thing. He said she might start teething around 4 months even if no teeth show up for several months after that.

I can't tell if she's maybe a little sick, too, (or instead?) because she has a runny nose and has coughed a tiny bit in the past few days. Who knows. I just feel bad for her when she doesn't feel good. Especially since I can't hold her all day while I 'm trying to prepare for Thanksgiving!