Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get out and VOTE!

If you haven't voted yet - go do it! My neighbor Stephanie and I swapped kids while the other voted. It was a good deal. Plus, by going in the middle of the day (2:30ish) we were able to avoid the before work, after work, and lunchtime rushes. Yay!

This morning Eliana and I went to the children's museum for a playgroup. We have several friends who meet there every Tuesday. I have been waiting until Eliana is old enough before we joined the group. But while we were in Texas I noticed how much Ellie loved being around other kids and how much she just liked watching them. So we went today and had fun. She just looked around and took everything in. There were even a couple little things she took interest in playing with. We got a membership to the museum, so hopefully we'll be making this a weekly outing. Something to do outside the house now that it's getting colder and a way for her to get a little more kid interaction. And some time for me to get a little more adult interaction with the other moms. =)

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