Saturday, April 15, 2006

She's baaaack.... !

My inner Martha Stewart is back! I had a day off work yesterday and my day was filled with fun little projects... making homemade baby wipes (fleece on one side, flannel on the other) and a little terrycloth baby organizer for the diaper bag. I also made a shirt for Phoebe to wear next summer. It's not all that great since I was just playing, but it did turn out kind of cute. It should be around 12 month size, so we'll see if it fits when the time comes! Here's a picture of my creative effort...
Not only has Martha come back into my craft room, she has also re-entered my kitchen! This morning Leif and I spent some quality time together making those famous Easter delicacies... Peeps! They CAN be made from scratch! I've never made marshmallow before... it's amazing. A little gelatin, a little sugar, a little water... voila! You've got yourself some marshmallow goo that can be piped into a variety of shapes, provided you're talented enough to make shapes with the goo. I tried little bunnies, but they turned out more like slugs. We had considerably more luck making homemade peep flowers. Here are the recipe and instructions from Martha Stewart's website.

Happy Easter!!


J said...

OK that is just insane! :-)

Angie said...

you never cease to ~amaze~ me! that is the cutest little shirt, and I don't know anyone that makes their own peeps! (I went to Target to get my little pkg) Miss you! :)