Saturday, April 29, 2006

Crazy Weekend Roadtrip

We're getting too old for these weekend trips, I decided. But I guess while we are still child-free we might as well take the opportunity to go see people we wouldn't normally get to see. That's what we did last weekend. Leif took Friday off work and I took a half day and we drove out to Seattle to attend a college friend's wedding. It was an outdoor wedding on Saturday morning and the weather was unusually beautiful for Seattle. Clear skies and a sunny, Spring day. Deceptively beautiful enough to make you think Seattle might be a nice place to live, really.

Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Prichard

We stayed for part of the reception, then left the wedding and drove to Sandpoint, ID where we stayed with other LeTourneau friends, JD and Kara Claridge. It's always good to see them and this time we actually got to spend a little time with them and their kids. They've recently gone from being a couple with a kid to a four person family and it was neat to get a little glimpse into what our future might hold as we approach this whole parenting thing. Mostly, though, it was just really good to catch up with them and get to spend more time than we usually do with them.

JD and Kara Claridge

We attended church with them on Sunday and, after church, Katie Morman, another friend from college, drove down from Bonner's Ferry to see us. We haven't seen Katie since we graduated from LeTourneau five years ago, so it was wonderful to see her and catch up as well. Much like a LeTourneau reunion, really.

Katie Morman

After visiting for a while we left Sandpoint and drove home, arriving in Belgrade around 11:30pm - then back to work early Monday morning. It was a crazy, whirlwind trip and, like I said, I think we're getting too old for this. When we were in college driving for hours was no big deal. We've got one more crazy weekend trip planned - at the end of May. It's another college friend getting married a dozen hours away. We'll drive down, attend the wedding, drive back and that's probably the last time we'll do this. I have a feeling life will change once the little one arrives - that's what everyone keeps telling us.


Angie said...

I'd been wondering why you haden't posted anything since the basket, but now I see've been busy! I don't think I could have handled a weekend that full!!

DREW! said...

At the risk of sounding trite, I will tell you that life doesn't change at all when you have a baby.

Nope. Not one bit.

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Sure, Drew... I was just on the phone with your wife and I do believe she would beg to differ. =) But you can continue in your dilusions if you wish.