Sunday, May 17, 2015

Snippets of Life

While Eliana is practicing the piano
Leif: What is our child wearing?
Elizabeth: (Dismissively) Clothing
Elizabeth: (Looks up) ...and bat wings

Eliana is doing research on Julius Caesar. She came across the chapter title "The Gallic Revolt" and read it as "The Galactic Revolt." Sci-fi nerd accomplished.

Eliana: Facebook is mainly for girls and Twitter is basically for boys.

Eliana was singing to herself upstairs. I heard snippets of "boil the ocean" and "burn the land." I realized she was singing the title from Firefly. Don't worry: we haven't let our daughter watch it. This was just the byproduct of Elizabeth explaining the t-shirt Leif bought her for Mothers Day.

Eliana played Für Elise at a recital at Petra. I'm told the bass-line chords are her own composition.

At the same recital, Eliana heard another girl perform "Everything at Once". This morning she was playing the the piano part fairly fluently based on hearing it once. I was impressed. Her version matched up with the sheet music we found online.

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